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Default Re: Hello...Newbie here! 70's Stainless Quadra-Plus

Originally Posted by vintagemore2000 View Post
Give it a look and post what you find out, How many amps do you have? I sold my Marshall SLP 100 watt re issue two years ago, wish I would have kept it, all my amps now are low powered, a fender champ silver face, a Danelectro Cadet 1964 model, and a National Valco Trem o tone 1957 model. this is my favorite now, but I'm going to get a Fender silverface twin reverb that will take care of the power department again. But I'm a drummer that plays Stringed Instruments so drums are my main Instrument.
It's one of my hobbies along with playing music is to buy/play/sell vintage tube amps. ie; Marshall 1959, 1987, 2203's, 2204's, Majors. Sunn Sorados, 190B's, Scetpre, Model T's, Enforcer's. Laney pre Supergroups, Supergroups, Kilpps, VA100, Music City. Oh and playaround with some Mesa Rectifiers and a Heartbreaker that I like alot. My little combo is a SoniCord Toad with a 15" in which is an interesting amp... to name a few.
I bet Valco is a sweet sounding little amp!

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