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Unhappy Re: Slingerland Copper Protection

Originally Posted by GuyStefan View Post
First, I'm new to this forum and the greeting tells me to go to the Introductions Forum, which I cannot locate. That being said I'll start here..

I currently own a five piece Slingerland Copper wrapped set, it has a fair amount of pitting and scuffing and having read a lot of posts already I realize I probably can only make them look a bit better, but I'll never be able to restore them to new, unless of course I win the lottery.

I also have a line on a pristine 14 piece set fo Copper wrapped Slingerlands that If I get them, I would like to be able to protect them more than the lacquer coating can. I'm wondering if it would deteriorate the value of the drums if I were to apply the 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film?

It's just a wild thought going through my head so I'm interested in some more knowledgeable opinions on this. They are such beautiful drums I want to do everything I can to preserve them and still be able to play them with the band as they were meant to be.

Glad to have found this forum and I hope to utilize it often.

You are dealing with a DEAD HORSE....
Slinger stopped making them in 84....They had a clear coat baked on finsh and as soon as the got would start to turn color..and oxidise

If you ever try to take the copper off you will take the top veneer with it and probably ruin the shell. It was a reall tough time trying to find a glue that would keep the copper on and not interfere with the expansion and contraction of the shell..

I would forget about finding more pieces and play them....
I was with them from 70 to 85 and remember the first roll out of them...
Pretty but a reall drag
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