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Red face Re: Slingerland Copper Protection


Those copper Slingerlands are such striking drums (no pun), what a neat set to own. Good luck on obtaining the larger set.

Yep.. these drums and restoration of them has shown up here a few times. It was very interesting to learn that the copper is a very, very thin layer on those drums. That certainly limits buffing and polishing options to completely non-abrasive materials.

I ran across this stuff.. might be worth a look. I have no experience with it but it sounds like a very tough, clear protective finish that sprays on and cures. The description talked about applications that would lead one to believe it is much tougher than a laquer.

If I understood the 3M guard, it is a sheet film that is applied. I suppose that might give you more options for removal if something goes south on you during applications. Your 3M recommended local installer.. nice recommendation.

Sorry no good answers.. just something else to consider.
Not a Guru... just interested..

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