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Default Re: "Is my Ludwig Brass??"-Lets Clear this up

This is a BIG question! I know, because I get questions and emails from my web site, another huge drumming site and another group of sites.

I answer on average 20 - 30 questions per week and this is not on the forum. (directly by email)

So, there will always be the person that does not know how to search and also have no idea that their drum is a Supraphonic. Those people will always need help.

The main web site has a brass or not guide that has been there for at least 3 years. Here is the Ludwig Brass or not guide

I also have this guide on eBay in my eBay guides in a similar form, just not as big. You can read all of my guides on eBay here. eBay Guides

I also have the same brass or not on other web sites in The Drum Experts network and in fact web sites dedicated to the Acro, Supra, Super and BB. Click here for the main links page and then look on the right for Snare Drum Web Sites

So, I will stick this guide! BUT the questions will still come in and the same questions will be asked.

I have my hand in a lot of web site work trying to fill the voids and add the history where I can. My goal is Jan 1, 2010 to officially be back on the main web site and adding all of the new material I have.

SO, I have asked in the past, present and future if anyone wants to create an article or content I can find a perfect spot for it on one of the 70 or so web sites!

Thanks Ludwig-Dude! bring on the material!

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