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Default Re: Hello...Newbie here! 70's Stainless Quadra-Plus

Originally Posted by AXEnGEAR4J View Post
I'll have to look a little closer but I believe it's the clamps.
Wow, What a nice set you got..Now onto your question on the toms.A few things to look at are the holes on the mounts are they round and the "L" arm fits tight into them? OR are the holes look out of round? If they are out of round and the "L" has some play to them then you will need to replace the mounts.You can also check the round inserts inside each mount same goes for them..Another thing to look for is were the nut is on the outside of the mount is their one washer or two? If only one washer add another washer this would tightn up the insert and the "L" arm better..Mikey
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