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Default Re: Hello...Newbie here! 70's Stainless Quadra-Plus

Originally Posted by vintagemore2000 View Post
OMG!! I love your amp collection. Wow very cool, Marshall's from wall to wall. Did you get this kit in South Carolina? with all the concert toms you have you need to get a few double headed toms, a 9x13" and 10x14" would be nice. what problems are you having with the tom mount is it from the bass drum side or the toms not staying tight?
No these came out of NW Oregon.

Thanks on the collection, you're only seeing a part of

Yeah thought I might just build this set up a bit if practicle.
This set now is 12", 14", 15" 16" concerts and 18" double floor.
Maybe a 10" & 13" or 16" floor tom possibly?

It's the toms on the floor stand not staying tight.
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