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Default Re: Need help with correct hardware

This is where it gets tricky, depending. Anal Vintage Drum collectors will want it the way the Cat. would sell it, in the cat. it comes with a Speed King, I however see nothing wrong with have`n a Ghost pedal, it`s an accessory and just like stands and HH, long as it`s Company and period correct most guys take it as complete and original !!

Your tom holders are not the kind in the Catalogue, that matters !! Yours are the ones on the Pro Beat series, not the Clip Lok ones in the Quadra-Plus Pic. in the Cat.

Ludwigdude has posted recently and I was hope`n he saw this topic. With LudwigCo. you can order to fit your needs and sometimes you can`t,..cuz they stopped production,...Both these drums appear in the same Cat. so it could be that they were ordered that way. ..But yours are slipping and that`s not good.

Again, someone in the know could help you better than I. I going by Cat. and these guys go by experience !! I do SONOR !!
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