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Default Re: Hello...Newbie here! 70's Stainless Quadra-Plus

Thank you , I wasn’t sure of the year as the sn info didn't seem to match up.

So I take it these are a bit rare as I've had a hard time finding info. I can see how these were very expensive to make and from what I've learned they actually lost money on them being do labor intensive.

I was very skeptical when buying and kinda went out on a limb. I found them on CL and they guy indicated there were in great condition for 30-40 year old drums. It was a 1 1/2 hour drive to see them, had cash in hand and offered about half of what he was originally asking. Guess I spent a little over $100 a drum but still not sure if it was a wise investment.

If they're worth it I'll take the time to restore them. I have had experience with metal working and refinishing in the classic/vintage/muscle car world so I believe it wont be over my head.

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