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Default Hello...Newbie here! 70's Stainless Quadra-Plus

Hello, new to the forum and actually not a drummer I’m a guitarist who has participated in many vintage amp forums through the years and own of many old vintage tube amps. I now feel privileged to be a part of the "Drummers" side of the world.

It came time for me to start keeping an eye out for a set to keep in my shop/studio as convenience for those drummers whom come and go and also to have a nice set for my outdoor venues I have on our property in the summer months.

Low and behold I came upon a Stainless Quadra-Plus set which I understand was mfg in the 70’s, it isn’t in the best of shape however not too bad either IMO, however you guys are the experts and why I’m here as I have this feeling they might be worth restoring or maybe not??

Where do I start?
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