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Default Re: Possibly Good, Maybe Garbage? 1964 Ludwig Kit

There would be a visible seam for either finish. In the case of lacquer you'd be able to see the seam where the wood of the shell laps into itself. The outside of a vintage Ludwig 3 ply shell isn't perfectly smooth all around like a modern shell, you can see/feel a vertical seam in the wood. Also the lacquer finishes were not super glossy like on modern drums.

Look at the edge of a shell and it should be apparent whether it's a layer of plastic wrap on top of the wood of just a layer of paint on the outside ply. If it is a wrapped drum (depending on when it was made) the wrap will go into the scarf joint where the two ends of the plywood overlap (the wrap was put on the plywood before it was bent into a shell up until roughly 1968).

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