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Default Re: Can anyone help me work out the age of this Zildjian cymbal?

Thanks Zenstat. I'm guessing the 19" will sound nice. I'll use it on the left. I have a 20" A as my main ride on the right (hollow logo) It sounds great, very crash-able with a nice dark wash. I had been using the 20" on the left as a crash because as a ride it can get a little out of control when playing heavier stuff. Most of my cymbals at the moment are ride cymbals that can double-up as crashes except for a hollow logo 18" flat ride that doesn't really crash very well due to the lack of a bell the sound just doesn't really project like you would want it to. I decided I needed a traditional crash cymbal instead of having 3 ride cymbals set up so I'll use the 19" on my left and the 20" Avedis on my right and right of that I have a 20" Istanbul Efes series jazz ride that I use as a crash. I would like a Meinl Dragon 18 to use as my second crash, but they're very difficult to find. I'm going for 19", 18" and 20", but if I can add a 22" to my cymbal collection then I'll go for a 19", 20" and 22" combination. Then I'll never need to buy another cymbal again, right? Ha ha.
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