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Default Camco Burgundy Sparkle 14" floor tom

960's Oaklawn Camco Burgundy Sparkle 14" floor tom. $1500 obo

Very nice condition, some scuffs on the back panel and minor scratching here and there. Presents very well. Badge has a slight lift on one side and a smudge/imperfection. Hoops are tall folded over steel reproductions of G Way/early Camco hoops. They look very close to the original tall COB hoops with the rounded ears and tall folded over top edge. Camco brackets and straight legs function well. Muffler is missing. Tension rods show wear but all function well, most (but not all) chubby washers are present.

Wrap is tight, seam is tight, no extra holes. Drum sounds great. Very hard to find piece to complete your Camco set.

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