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Default Wanted 2 Slingy Shell mount cymbal holders nickel and chrome
Hi guys, I have two 50's era Slingerland bass drums (53-56 and 56-59 badges one silver sparkle and the nickel one is black). I'm not having trouble finding rods and claws but can't find the flat style nickel Shell mount cymbal holder (No 1372 in the 56 era catalog).

Could use 22" hoops for though and a source that isn't lee county for parts if you have one!

Also a question on the older kit. Would the toms have had nickel stick saver hoops in 53-56 since the lugs on this bass are not beavertail but are nickel I was wondering as I've yet to see nickel sticksavers on any kits.

Hope someone out there has some.