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Default Re: Identification of Premier Kit

Yeah, those are beauties! As for the drums - the hardware is all Premier apart from the tom mounts. Lugs, tuning rods and bass drum leg mounts are all older premier style, possibly pre 1976, but I''m pretty sure those tom mounts are not Premier - they didn't do the two arm set-up as far as I'm aware.
Also, the 12 and 14 tom set-up is odd - it's usually 12 and 13 or 13 and 14, and I'm not sure kits of the age of that hardware had a 14 tom as standard.

Because the tom mounts are not premier, It could be that you've got some old hardware on a newer set of shells. Are there any reenforcement rings? Don't think Premier made too many mahogany drums in the past.

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