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Default Re: Gretsch Black Nitron with a Round Badge
Groove-drummer - keep in mind that you have what Gretsch listed as the 'Bop Kit' in catalogs from the early '60s. Check out the link on this site to Vintage Drum Guide and the Gretsch catalogs. Also, the 20,13,16 setup was very popular at the time. I was watching a video of the Dave Brubeck Quartet recently in which Joe Morello was using a Ludwig in the same configuration. His normal bass was a 22 bass, but this kit had the 20 and sounded great.

My understanding is that gloss black carried by the wrap distributors today, Precision Drum in particular, is identical in nature to black nitron (Gretsch) and jet black (Rogers). This was something that Jack Lawton had mentioned once upon a time. I have Rogers jet black kit that had a big crack along the bottom and up the side of the bass. The kit was otherwise in excellent condition. I had the bass wrapped again and you cannot tell the difference between the drums.

[ame=""]Dave Brubeck - Take Five ( Original Video) - YouTube[/ame]