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Default Slingerland student snare

So I picked up a Slingerland student model snare this weekend. 6 lug, date stamped Feb 65 "M". Its all there and in good shape with a good layer of white rattle can paint all over..... Got all the hardware cleaned back up and now I'm contemplating the shell.

I'm planning on striping it down and repainting. Looks like the origional color was gold (from looking under the legs etc). My question is what paint colors did Slingerland offer on these types of drums? There is lots of info on wrap colors out there but I haven't seen to much about paint colors. I've seen gold before, Duco of course, and I think I saw a black one a while back on the forum. Were there any other offerings?

Also, would a nice careful rattle can paint job be appropriate for this shell, or? It is going to be a player.
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