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Default Re: Buddy Rich's Daughter Cathy - DRAMA on Facebook

Originally Posted by blairndrums View Post
Johnny....for 1 can not stamp into the metal after the cymbal is just assumed...BR was Buddy......just as GK is.......get it?..I don't think they would go thru all that for a nobody!

I have no clue how the older guy in Jersey got them.....didn't,t ask.........I just grabbed around 10 cymbals from him...and I stressed..THEY HAD TO BE THIN......

They came UPS .....and I had a very nice surprise!..Still fishy..?
I would had thought any cymbal made for Buddy Rich would not be in circulation without anyone knowing what is was. I'm sure BR didn't just give away his cymbals to anyone. Maybe someone here would know, but it stills seems odd.
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