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Forum: Vintage Drums 09-26-2022, 09:17 AM
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Posted By MME
Re: Mike Layton killed in motorcycle accident

Mike was such a helpful person for so many years for so many drummers it is a sad day.Prayers to his family and friends RIP Mike,,,,,,Matt
Forum: For Sale 09-22-2022, 07:59 PM
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Posted By MME
drum sale-bay area only

Greetings I had back surgery last week and it did not go as I have to sell some drums to make way for a electric chair----.Bad part the photos of all I can not find..You can see the list...
Forum: General Drum Questions 04-05-2021, 11:37 AM
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Posted By MME
Bill Ward solo cds

Anybody out there ever hear his solo stuff.I had no idea he did 3 cds.Sounds interesting but would rather hear from another if the music is good or not. Thanks
Forum: General Drum Questions 02-15-2021, 03:14 PM
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Posted By MME
Charlie Watts---Trixon drums??

I found an old picture of the stones playing at a TV station in 1964.In Omaha so I am guessing their first tour. Damn if Charlie has a set of Trixon Alligator wrap drums. I thought he was a gretsch...
Forum: General Drum Questions 03-18-2020, 02:20 PM
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Posted By MME
evr participate in a Ozomatli drum circle

If you haven't seen Ozomatli at the end of their shows,they get out all sorts of drums bongos everything that makes sound and they make a huge drum set-in. It is a blast.. long ago they opened for...
Forum: General Drum Questions 02-20-2020, 10:59 PM
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Posted By MME
Re: LA area drummers-I need help

Many Thanks!!!! I will see his mom in 3 weeks.I will bring this info with me.She just couldn't remember the groups he played in.
Thanks again,Matt
Forum: General Drum Questions 02-18-2020, 01:09 PM
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Posted By MME
Re: Let's see your drum room!!

I would love to,but out of necessity it is now my 4 yr old grandsons bedroom.he is happy and that is all that counts......
Forum: General Drum Questions 02-18-2020, 01:04 PM
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Posted By MME
LA area drummers-I need help

Yes I need to find out if any of you fellows remember a drummer,,
Tim Timmerman.? I meet his mom at a place a gig at. She mentioned that he played on a lot of LPs back in the day and was in some...
Forum: General Drum Questions 10-01-2019, 09:54 AM
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Posted By MME
Ricky Cobb Bloodrock drummer

I dragged out Bloodrock 3 and 4 cd's and have been rockin out and Ricky Cobb is/was a damn good drummer. I never saw them live. .I am wondering if any one out there had a chance to see them LIVE....
Forum: General Drum Questions 09-20-2019, 08:45 AM
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Posted By MME
Les Demerle band

Anybody out there hear of this fellow and his band. ?If so are the cd's any good.Just pokin' around on Eba andsaw his 2 cds.Thanks,Matt
Forum: General Drum Questions 09-07-2019, 09:45 AM
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Posted By MME
I'm back using a Ringo throne-ouch!

I have been using a Ringo type throne with a more comfortable seat for years now. Damn if the larger seat isn't making the underside of my thighs ache like heck .Half way thru the gig I am ready to...
Forum: General Drum Questions 08-30-2019, 11:06 AM
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Posted By MME
Re: 21th century surf drummers

many years ago I saw the SURF PUNKS at the old Waldorf SF. It was a crazy show.The drummer was Daryl Dragons(Capt and Tenille) brother.
Forum: General Drum Questions 07-22-2019, 10:20 AM
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Posted By MME
66 clubdate floor tom legs slip

First it was one now 2 are slipping. They are the spring loaded type. Is there a fix for this without tearing everything apart down to the u-joints??
Thanks in advance V
Forum: General Drum Questions 06-15-2019, 08:44 AM
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Posted By MME
Jerry Lee Lewis & MC5 did the same song?

Yes it seems that way.I just got a box set of jerry Lee lewis songs and when it got to RAMBIN' ROSE I did a double take..Then had to grab the case to find if I was hearing right.Heck I thought...
Forum: General Drum Questions 06-15-2019, 08:40 AM
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Posted By MME
Re: what do you do when......

I am not alone......Thanks
Forum: General Drum Questions 05-22-2019, 01:02 PM
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Posted By MME
Re: Is my new invention crappy?

A big dinner at a Mexican joint with mas beans,mas hot sauce,it will come in handy mid drum solo...But if you hear people in the first 10 rows say
THAT GUY STINKS it could be something other...
Forum: General Drum Questions 05-20-2019, 11:14 PM
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Posted By MME
Ringo or Pete Best ??

Who played drums on Nothin Shaking(but the leaves on the tree??It sounded real early in their career.The only other version of this song I have heard was Dr Feelgood/with Wilko on guitar.Just...
Forum: General Drum Questions 04-28-2019, 10:48 AM
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Posted By MME
what do you do when......

you start to mess up with the beats--mid-song--?? We tried a new song and I was souping it up a bit and started to mess up the beat for about 5 seconds I finally got back on track.My question...
Forum: General Drum Questions 04-24-2019, 09:31 AM
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Posted By MME
Re: Talking with your drums.

Holy Smokes that was friggin awesome with a capital A.... A Motorhead Tee at a drum battle? Great stuff.Thanks for sharing..V
Forum: Vintage Drums 03-25-2019, 09:38 AM
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Posted By MME
Re: Ludwig Club Date

BEE-U-TEE-FUL...….Welcome to the ClubdateKlub...Vati
Forum: General Drum Questions 03-04-2019, 04:21 PM
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Posted By MME
Re: Carl Palmer

I was lucky enough to see ELP opening for Jethro Tull-should have been the other way around---But he smoked on drums and had his chrome kit.I watched his solo through some binoculars It was sheer...
Forum: For Sale 02-04-2019, 10:56 AM
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Posted By MME
members in theSan Francisco area!!

Alert.If you are looking for some Clubdate drums in VG shape,Pearl Presidents,,Yellow Trixons ,,,stands old bass drum pedals..?I would like to thin the herd to make room for my grandson.I would...
Forum: General Drum Questions 02-04-2019, 10:47 AM
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Posted By MME
Andy Griffith show and a Ringo HiHat??

yep.I was up early shakin the cobwebs with tea and toast and the Andy griffin show..Jerry van Dyke was a one man band and hid hi-hat was a Ringo style flat base ..First class all the way.Its sad when...
Forum: General Drum Questions 01-30-2019, 11:10 AM
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Posted By MME
Re: What a great shirt

Hey,I found them,and many many more on the web site
TEEHOG There is 20% off right now,Vati
Forum: General Drum Questions 01-15-2019, 11:02 AM
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Posted By MME
Re: German WW2 drum sticks

I am having my son-in-law make me a new cd-rom.Thanks Vati
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