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Dan Boucher 11-07-2021 03:05 AM

Re: Vintage as Vintage Can Be

Originally Posted by slingerfan (Post 470338)
A Ringo (or Ginger, or Mitch) drum with extra holes or cigarette burns is a treasure, for everyone else's drums it is just damage (LOL).

Well said.

Dan Boucher 11-07-2021 03:06 AM

Re: Vintage as Vintage Can Be

Originally Posted by leedybdp (Post 470335)
I hope that the drums in this set are better matches with each other than the drums in this Rogers set that I owned for a few years. I used a cradle for the 10x14 tom as a second floor tom. I have never had seller's remorse for drum sets that I used to own. But, I really would like to have another set of vintage drums in the same wrap--preferably Slingerland or Leedy.

I've noticed that Rogers did seem to struggle more with that particular version of strata than the others.

idrum4fun 11-07-2021 04:04 AM

Re: Vintage as Vintage Can Be
A beautiful kit for sure! In regards to the air vents, the toms didn't come with them until around 1966. A previous owner was just compelled to add vents to these toms. While the air vents chosen aren't Slingerland style, at least they are the big die-cast vents, which would look out of place on the toms. And, at least they are positioned towards the back of the toms, which was a thoughtful touch! As to the grommet on the bass drum, it's hard to say why it was changed out, but the badge is most likely original. I love the smooth shell COB GK snare drum! I've got the same one for my 1965 Modern Solo...with no badges on the toms!


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