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Aussievintagedrumuser 01-21-2015 09:17 PM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
Anyone from/in this group have any spare 60s Drouyn kick drum claws&t-rods?,
Also looking for a 14x5" alloy Drouyn snare&12&14" toms (12" rack tom) &14" floor tom in red to match my 13 16 20" 66/67 Drouyn kit! :).

Antipodes 01-27-2015 04:04 AM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
A few people sound like they're trying to get a Custom & Vintage Drum show happening in Sydney. Any interest (not my initiative)?

Dno 06-07-2015 11:47 PM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
G'day Antipodes

You don't happen to know who owns the original 70s S/S kit with 26" bass drum over on your side of the country?

LUDWIG LOVER 06-28-2015 12:07 AM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
Hello Aussies I'm in NSW and finding it very difficult to track down a 6's superclassic ludwig kit in silver sparkle. I know that it's quite specific but can anyone help here? Cheers

Antipodes 06-30-2015 09:43 PM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
DNO, sorry I don't. I'm kind of a Camco exclusivist so don't really have my eye on much else locally (or abroad for that matter). But I'd imagine the vintage show would be worth a visit if you happened to be this side of the country on that date. I'll have my Camco stuff up for display.

Dno 07-01-2015 04:23 AM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
Thanks mate, hey where can I find details on the vintage show over your side.

tada---da---da--da--daaaa 09-13-2015 06:58 AM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
Hi I'm in Melbourne. Always happy to stay in touch with vintage collectors players, especially local. Sorry about the name- seemed like good idea 5 years ago when I joined up now can't change it, lol


TomOSR 10-25-2015 07:33 PM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
hey aussies, I just picked up a tasmanian blackwood snare with wooden hoops and tube lugs via a mate of mine who lives down under and gumtree - and if I ever figure out how to upload pics on the forum, It would be amazing if you could tell me who made it. the seller told my friend "It came from perth"

longjohn 10-25-2015 07:36 PM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
Guessing it's a Brady...


TomOSR 10-25-2015 10:00 PM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
not a brady, no logo etc. maybe an ex brady employee who went on his own.

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