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Boora 06-05-2013 02:00 AM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
here is one for you guys that maybe interested.

longjohn 06-05-2013 03:48 AM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
That's a nice looking kit... looks pretty original.. on my watch list for sure..


Percsol 09-19-2013 07:33 PM

Re: Australian Collectors Group

Originally Posted by drumhack (Post 38922)
Dont forget about Kylie Monogue!! And didn't Men At Work "come from a land down under" ???

I have the much worn original drum kit of Jerry Speiser "Men at Work" in my workshop. Its the actual kit that most of the recordings were played on.
Its here in the pipe line for some preservation work along with the road cases. The idea is to admire the extent of how many have heard the sound of this kit....its tired but we can make it look as good as it can....

alot2008 10-12-2013 05:01 AM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
interesting stuff, how did you come by this, what sort of kit is it, what is this player up to these days ?

Antipodes 10-16-2013 04:15 AM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
Just pointing out this Camco in Sydney....and, yes, it's mine. Given Australia's fairly specific circumstances and lack of much vintage, I figured it's Ok to stick it in this thread.

Boora 12-02-2013 09:23 PM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
hey guys,

I just purchased a premier 54 outfit here in Melbourne with royal ace snare. I was piecing together my very own vintage premier kit, so now I have a 22x14 kick 50's nearly complete, but in pieces. the 12r is missing the bottoem diecast hoop. 16f is complete and both have been re-wrapped (not by me). I also have a 60's era hi hat, snare stand and pedal. all shells are birch with beech re-rings. if anyone is interested pm me here or email me
I may also sell the royal ace or my restored Superace, just not sure yet...just need to compare them both together and see what one I like.

I will have the rack and floor in the next 2 weeks. they are coming across from Adelaide with a mate.

Antipodes 12-03-2013 05:16 PM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
And I'll mention a (non-drummer) mate of mine has just acquired a Premier bass drum and floor tom just like Boora's 54 outfit but missing the 12" x 8" rack.

The kit is BDP so if anyone sees a stray, let me know. Get an orphan to re-wrap is not on the cards....yet.

Boora 12-04-2013 09:03 AM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
Got the kit tonight and what a buy. Its a beauty and its perfect, with no work needed on it. The guy I got the kit from. Has a brass supra 14x5 and its listed for $830 or nearest offer. He won't post, but if anyone wants it, I can grab ut and post it for you. Its a beautiful snare and if he still has it in the new year, I will grab it.

Aussievintagedrumuser 12-04-2013 07:15 PM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
ANTONE on here has or knows of ANY Dandy/Drouyn kit(s) for sale?, ANY color.
Looking for either 18 or 20" kick &12 or 13" rack toms &14" floor tom &14x5" metal snare, i'm in North Warrandyte Melbourne, Victoria.

Boora 12-06-2013 10:46 PM

Re: Australian Collectors Group
hey aussie, if I come across anything in yt rounds, I will let you know. the only dandy/drouyn stuff that I have seen, was the link of the kit that was in st Kilda.

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