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Webmaster 12-05-2022 04:42 PM

Dec 5, 2022 - Gallery System
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We are a few days away from an updated gallery system. They should be sending TommyP and I to the testing server soon.

As an FYI they updated the option to edit - crop and downsize your images as an attachment. It is working!

See the screen shot of the new system and how to access it.

Webmaster 12-23-2022 02:34 AM

Re: Dec 5, 2022 - Gallery System
You will see the gallery is missing. That is because they are finalizing this aspect of the forum. I should be on the testing server soon. It will all be back up and running hopefully in 2022!

Starbuck 01-02-2023 01:05 PM

Re: Dec 5, 2022 - Gallery System
Happy New Year to the VDF team. I really like the look and feel of the new web site as it's been updated over the past few months - nice work and good decisions! Will be anxious to see changes to Gallery page when tested & complete. Gallery is still down on my devices, but all other links and pages look good. Any Gallery System update news to report?? Thank you to all. - Buck

Webmaster 01-03-2023 06:14 PM

Re: Dec 5, 2022 - Gallery System
Thanks for hanging in there. The gallery should be going live tonight or early tomorrow. It took a lot more work then expected because as I understand it, the test server was configured different and they had to do it all on the live site behind the scenes.

grantro 01-09-2023 03:57 PM

Re: Dec 5, 2022 - Gallery System
I seem to be having issues navigating the new gallery...From the gallery homepage, I click on the categories drop down menu to display the options...When I click on any of the options, nothing loads...Currently, all I can access is the homepage and nothing else in the gallery...

I use my desktop for my VDF pleasures...

Any guidance would be appreciated...


Webmaster 01-11-2023 06:18 PM

Re: Dec 5, 2022 - Gallery System
They did add it yesterday or previous evening. I have to do some back-end things and also check in with the team to verify where the project is. I hope to have answers soon! Thanks for the info!

Webmaster 01-15-2023 03:52 PM

Re: Dec 5, 2022 - Gallery System
The system is now in place. There are still some additions as to uploading images per user, but you can now see the new layout. It will be more time before it is completely functional.


Webmaster 01-19-2023 01:10 AM

Re: Dec 5, 2022 - Gallery System
Getting closer - The 125K images should be back to the forum soon. I'm not sure how many of you started poking around the gallery section, but there are currently 2300 images. They are still working out some of the bugs and issues. BUT... It is so much better a system because we have image names, tags and categories which we never had before.

I will be creating a tutorial of how it works and how you can all help.

There are now 8 categories for all of the images. We never had that option before. Everything was just in one lump group and hard to manage.

The issue now is I need to get the 125k images into the categories and the only way to do that is manually by looking at the images. That is monumental, but I believe imperative. There are 30 on a page, you check a box and select the category they go in. I will do a test to see how many I can do in an hour and then determine how long it would take to do 125k and then see if a few of you can donate some time and speed up the process.

You also will be able to see all of the images you have posted and I will be asking all of you to fix titles, add keywords and update your images. More on that later.

Webmaster 01-20-2023 02:16 PM

Re: Dec 5, 2022 - Gallery System
All going as planned - all 117K images are up. There are some small glitches which should be resolved this evening.


Webmaster 01-24-2023 07:12 PM

Re: Dec 5, 2022 - Gallery System
I would say the gallery is about 90% completed. Hopefully the most important feature will be added soon. That will be a "Search" box that allows us to search all 117K images based on what users are trying to research.

Other then that feature, all other aspects are functioning and working. Not sure if anyone has entered the gallery section, but it now has 10 categories for images.

Once I get my search option I can move the 117k images faster to the correct categories.

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