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(Kb) 09-05-2011 06:08 PM

Leedy 14x18 Bass Drum - Burgundy Sparkle
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Hey all - here's a little gem of a bass drum, recently given some extra love...

Original, nicely mauved SlingerLeedy Burgundy Sparkle! Thump thump thump! It sounds stellar. A gorgeous drum, that's not done justice by the disclaimers to follow! (Look at the pics!)

It had some extra holes, which were carefully patched and painted, inside and out, so that it passes the five-foot test for sure!

Full info below, including many pictures - but we'll skip to the important stuff:
$400 shipped in the ConUS.
I will certainly consider shipping overseas if there's interest.


Parts are all original, excepting two hex-bolts on the sides of the rail consolette and two keyrods (instead of T's) where the pedal attaches. Missing half a hoop's worth of inlay. (I do have a source for a replacement strip if interested). Some lift on part of one seam.

The extra holes: someone moved the rail (+2) and someone installed a muffler (+1.5) and then moved it too (+1.5).

There is one other "weird" spot on one re-ring where it looks like two screws/pins(?) were put - maybe to hold it in place?? It's a bit of a mystery, and a rather small area on the underside of the drum which didn't seem to warrant messing with (photos 15+16 in photo album).

Rich K. 09-06-2011 02:13 PM

Re: Leedy 14x18 Bass Drum - Burgundy Sparkle
That finish is called "Smokey Sparkling Pearl".
Very rare Slingerland (and Leedy) wrap.

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