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Chromeo 08-17-2022 04:03 PM

Ludwig Snare Cord Replica
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Hey there. I just picked up a spool of this braided nylon cord which appears to be the exact same type Ludwig used for their snare cord back in the day. I can't see any difference. For those interested, it's just plain old braided nylon cord with a 2 mm thickness. This is the type of cord they use for handicrafts and stringing pearls and beads and such. It's fairly inexpensive. I see companies charging stupid prices for two little pieces of this stuff. I bought 10 yards of it for a couple of bucks. So, pick some up for yourself if you can. I got a few different colors.
I'm just wondering if anyone out there can confirm the approximate length of the Ludwig cord. I'm "restoring". (cleaning and reassembling) a keystone badge Supra.
Here's a photo of the cord. Look at it. It's a dead on match. It just is.
Thank you.

Chromeo 08-17-2022 04:07 PM

Re: Ludwig Snare Cord Replica
I heard other reports that Ludwig used 1.8 mm cord. I don't think it matters, but that's just me.

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