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Webmaster 01-30-2023 02:20 PM

Re: Where are NEW Threads
As I thought, but best to get the word from the expert. The "Todays Post" is in fact a 24hr period. But near the bottom you will see the posts since your last visit. Since this is I check in often, I have not seen anything listed there. I would have to not log in over a 3-4 day time period. If anyone does that or will be doing that, please let me know if you are seeing listings in that lower section. Thanks!\

**UPDATE** please see if any of you see that bottom section on your account. It could be that it is missing from some accounts.

latzanimal 01-31-2023 03:21 AM

Re: Where are NEW Threads
I do not have that. I was last here Early Saturday morning, around the same time of this post...

Webmaster 02-02-2023 02:12 PM

Re: Where are NEW Threads
Our programmer has made some modifications to the "New Posts" It is going to show all posts not looked at over an extended period of time. This issue should be resolved.

latzanimal 02-03-2023 02:24 AM

Re: Where are NEW Threads
Awesome! Thanks Dave!

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