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J!m 05-08-2023 08:53 AM

Where did Paul Francis go?!?!
I just got this feed... It seems Zildjian has cleaned house and are starting "fresh"... First that I'm hearing of this.

What do we know?

vyacheslav 05-08-2023 12:06 PM

Re: Where did Paul Francis go?!?!
Paul hasn't been with Zildjian for a while (a few years). He has his own line of cymbals called "Cymbal Craftsman". He is also starting a new brand of cymbals called "Royal" cymbals. He is debuting some product at this years Chicago Drum Show. It is a full line of cymbals. The "Cymbal Craftsman" line will be the custom, "boutique" high end line of Royal Cymbals. Steve Maxwell has a pretty decent stock of Cymbal Craftsman product.

My booth partner at the show knows Paul pretty well and we are tentatively planning on hanging with Paul and having dinner together on Sunday night of the show. I'll let you know how/if that transpires.

DrumBob 05-08-2023 02:59 PM

Re: Where did Paul Francis go?!?!
I think this is Zildjian's attempt at catching up to Sabian and other more innovative companies out there. I have always thought of Zildjian as being a very traditional cymbal maker, while Sabian, Paiste, Meinl, the Turks and Chinese have moved ahead with new ideas and sounds, some of them radical.

J!m 05-09-2023 08:52 AM

Re: Where did Paul Francis go?!?!
Very interesting information.

I wish Paul all the best- I spoke with him at the last vintage drum show in CT.

Zildjian is Zildjian- everyone else needs to find their niche in the market created by them. So, they're all going to work toward that. Paiste revolutionized cymbal making by automating it to the point that they produce a very consistent product. Every single Zildjian has always been an individual instrument with a certain "quirkiness" that makes them special when you find the "right" one (or horrible when you can't).

I'm uncertain of the need to have another cymbal company out there, but I'm sure he will find success.

Gvdadrummasum 06-23-2023 09:11 AM

Re: Where did Paul Francis go?!?!
I had a chance to visit with Paul and Sarah and tap on their cymbals at the Chicago show.
They are pretty incredible

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