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Webmaster 04-14-2010 01:34 PM

Before you buy on VDF - Read This
I will be adding information on this post for the people that are sellers on this forum so the buyers know up front who you are and what they should expect from your services.

Here is your chance to make your introduction and explain your business practices.

This is what we all deserve to know prior to any transaction taking place.

1. What you generally have for sale.

2. How fast you ship.

3. The types of payment you take.

4. Your eBay user ID (If Available) so we can check your feedback record.

5. A Web Site URL (if you have one)

O-Lugs 04-14-2010 01:37 PM

Re: Before you buy on VDF - Read This
good ideas, David!

vintagemore2000 04-14-2010 01:43 PM

Re: Before you buy on VDF - Read This
David , I 2nd that it is a great Idea, Also my name vintagemore2000 is ebay user name thats why I use it, I am proud and worked my rear end off to have the 100% feedback and very high DSR rating that I have I have a simply philosophy treat others the way you want to be treated, It has worked for me my whole life!

vintagemore2000 04-14-2010 05:42 PM

Re: Before you buy on VDF - Read This
I am only using this as an example,Not patting myself on the back, I think this is the way business should be conducted, I sold a pair of cymbal on this forum last week placed the ad on thursday, sold them friday night, the buyer asked for a paypal Invoice I sent the Invoice to the buyer, the buyer paid Immediately, friday evening, Monday morning cymbals where shipped, wednesday I received an email confirming that the cymbals had arrived and that all was good!!! I am smiling and the buyer is smiling that is what matters!! treat your buyer as you yourself want to be treated!!! I also want to thank my fellow forum member Kevins for supplying me with the box to ship it in!!:2Cents:

backbeatkeeper 04-14-2010 10:47 PM

Re: Before you buy on VDF - Read This
1. Mostly drum stuff, sometimes others...

2. Within 3 days of payment

3. PayPal works, checks (clear before ship) cash, money orders

4. backbeatkeeper--over 500 Feedback all positive and currently I'm a power seller and a top rated seller. Good experiences with most except for one negative a long time ago and a neutral from vintage_ludwig_vistalites who I had to send three invoices to before he paid, then he had the gall to say I didn't communicate. Stay away from that guy!

5. Not my own website, but my band's on Facebook.

I have sold and bought with a few members here, I did post their names, but out of respect for them I will reveal their names privately via PM, unless they feel the need to speak publicly.

kevins 04-14-2010 11:01 PM

Re: Before you buy on VDF - Read This
I'm currently selling percussion items, mainly vintage.
I'll ship within 3-4 days after your payment clears.
I prefer PayPal, unless I have some good history with you.
Sirronrub is my eBay handle... 100% positive feedback.
I've bought and sold with probably a dozen or so VDF members.
I believe all of them would vouch for me, as I would for them.
I'll be happy to share their forum names with you.... PM me

OsakaBop 04-15-2010 02:19 AM

Re: Before you buy on VDF - Read This
O' Webmaster- you are wise- this sounds good

The Ploughman 04-15-2010 09:06 AM

Re: Before you buy on VDF - Read This
Anything I buy or sell is likely to be vintage Rogers.
My ebay ID is ThePloughman, and its always been at 100%
I do accept paypal to a confirmed address and USPS money orders.
Shipping after payment has been received will be within 7 days. I work, sometimes it is out of town, sometimes it is past closing time.

I have bought things before from board members, and its always been a positive experience.

lucky 04-15-2010 09:41 AM

Re: Before you buy on VDF - Read This
I have only bought on ebay. The things I have sold have been pretty much to forum members and it has been items that I have had kicking around from the old days. I ship pretty fast, have only used paypal and my email address is how I receive payment.
I think this is a great idea!

ZOLE 04-15-2010 10:10 AM

Re: Before you buy on VDF - Read This
Ebay name is cabin$fever
100% feedback
I am a newer member so I have not had the opportunity to transact with any members yet.

I have sold a ton of vintage stuff on ebay
I have a few things left....
I use paypal or money order
I ship in about 3 days
website url... is


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