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leedybdp 08-27-2022 12:11 PM

How about a swap?
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I have a simple request. I have a pair of 1960s 15" Avedis Zildjian hi-hat cymbals that I would like to swap for a pair of 1960s or 1950s Avedis Zildjian 13" hi hat cymbals. here are some photos of my 15" cymbals.

jda 08-27-2022 12:22 PM

Re: How about a swap?
beautiful! weights..

leedybdp 08-27-2022 03:10 PM

Re: How about a swap?
My eyesight and my photography aren't that great. But I think I can make out the three dots in the logo. I have the 15" hi hats that I bought new in the late 1950s and a pair of 14" hi hats that I acquired as part of a trade a few years ago. I would like to have a pair of good 13" hi hats to use with my smaller drums.

leedybdp 09-03-2022 09:34 AM

Re: How about a swap?
Bump! Let's try this again.

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