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DrumBob 02-01-2023 10:09 PM

'65 Slinger/Leedy Set Player's Grade
Selling my '65 Slinger/Leedy set, dark blue sparkle, player's grade, 12/14/20. BD spurs and floor tom leg brackets changed. The usual scuffs, minor scrapes and dings, a few areas touched up, but all told, the drums look good and sound good also. Could use an update on the spurs, but the ones on there do work. I would reinstall original Slingerland spur brackets, but that's up to the buyer.

$799 plus shipping within the lower 48 to be determined.

Photos provided with your email or cell number.

DrumBob 02-02-2023 03:03 PM

Re: '65 Slinger/Leedy Set Player's Grade
Whoever has tried to contact me about this set, please do so again. I have cleaned out my private messages. Thanks.

DrumBob 02-24-2023 12:13 AM

Re: '65 Slinger/Leedy Set Player's Grade someone on FB Marketplace. Nobody here, which doesn't surprise me, since none of you guys seem to buy anything anybody here sells.

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