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  1. jda
    03-23-2023 09:37 AM
    24" Block "A" goes for ? 102 at 2 hrs?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/13449261987...YAAOSwTSxkE0Wv
  2. Tama CW
    03-11-2023 10:08 PM
    Tama CW
    I agree with you that taking weight off an old K via lathing is not complete solution. It will never sound quite "right" again. It now becomes an after-market hybrid of sorts....no longer the real deal.

    That guy with the 50's/70's swish was a bit annoying. He probably got way too many people asking him details on his item. And he's not into details. Just buys them cheap, marks them up a lot, and moves one. Knowlege and research aren't his thing. But if there was a crack on his cymbal...I guess that's Karma....lol.
  3. Tama CW
    03-11-2023 10:05 PM
    Tama CW
    I didn't realize you were messaging me here. Just got the message at Reverb. I do check that multiple times each day. This forum moves so slowly there's literally nothing new in the cymbal section each week to month. And if you do post something, no one seems to be interested in responding. So I don't bother any more.

    Finally picked up that set up 15" type 3b hats that I had been after for 3.5 yrs. Had them since September. Still haven't gotten used to them (750/985 g). I think I prefer most of my trans stamp pairs over them.
  4. jda
    03-08-2023 10:33 AM
    my sister leads a semi Motown band. Gig took 60s Gretsch (brass snare) 1966 and old K hihats and old A 20" ride : )

    So, old A's Old Ks- is one set up- for 60s music. 00's Bosphorus for other gigs. Hard to beat old Zildjians (and old Gretsch vs new Gretsch) I'm sorta in a torn between "old and new" period
  5. jda
    03-08-2023 10:19 AM
    in modern drummer long a Zildjian employee said a 10" Splash lathed to same exact weight. One started out as a 4 lb lump and the otherout as a 3 lb lump---Lathed to exact-same- weight- in the end - Sounded different)
  6. jda
    03-08-2023 10:15 AM
    Brian! regarding latheing cymbals. You know the Veterans ads we have on TV. a 210 lb soldier comes back missing a limb (so sad) I see latheing cymbals like that, You can remove 30 or 40 lbs from a man but he is still that 210 lb fella. Something has disappeared become invisible. That's what latheing a 2900g old K 22 (Or and old A etc). It still sounds like a heavy cymbal but something is missing.

    Cymbals begin as lumps. Shaving a 2900g cymbal to 2300g does not make it a 2300g cymbal. The 2300g started with a certain weight of lump. As did the 2900 one. I think final weight is decided long before, when that initial Lump is weighed. The lighter lumps become the 2300g 22". The Heavier becomes the 2900g one

    appreciate you and Hoss Hsos mentioning me accurately at Dfo. I can read that forum- now that i've cleared years of cookies. So I read it daily. PS I spoke with that 70s/50s? Swish guy and pointed out the possible crack area. He was ok with me.
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