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  1. Dr. Steve Bru
    09-11-2018 11:40 PM
    Dr. Steve Bru
    Hello! I recently acquired a 20'' Zim-gar bass, 16'' and 14'' Star floor toms, and a 13'' Kent tom all in Orange sparkle (they match to some degree, especially the bass and the floor toms (I can send you some pics tomorrow). I'm interested seeing what you have in terms of Star floor tom mounts, although the kit is incomplete to the point where I almost wish to buy totally new hardware and sell the MIJ hardware to someone who could use them! I really love the shells and just want to be able to play them, not too interested in a full restoration unless the price is right. Just wanted to get your opinion on my matter.

    OK, thanks for your time.
  2. OldSchool
    06-14-2018 11:24 PM
    Hello, Ralf!

    I recently picked up what I believe to be a late '60s/early '70s STAR kit that's missing its badges. I'm trying to get the kit up and running and need 3 badges. A fellow forum member suggested that I contact you as a possible source. Originals or reproductions would certainly be acceptable. Thanks in advance for your time and your help! Gary
  3. Ralf
    03-14-2018 05:29 PM
    Hi Jon,

    glad to hear from you once again.
    Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with fb - it's not my scene, there ...
    So I'm afraid, I can't be of help in that new world of social media.

    But - what's up with you, personally (if you like to talk about it) ?
    My email would be better for further communication:

    Take care!

  4. jonnistix
    03-11-2018 08:10 AM
    Greetings Ralf! Jonnistix is still alive! Hope you are well. I'm not so much, but hey. I may have some business for you. Did you ever finish writing your guide to MIJ? There is a fb group Vintage MIJ Drums I think would be great for you to join. They need direction and I've been out of the game for awhile now. Any way, Cheers friend!
  5. Ralf
    08-16-2014 11:35 AM
    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your note. This one is a really rare finish. But the price, too!
    Hope he finds a buyer for it.
    (Would love to have a pic of it for my website, but I'm not very good in Danish and also that forum there.)

    Cheers, Ralf
  6. Jon Petersen
    08-15-2014 08:07 AM
    Jon Petersen
    Hi Ralf

    These are for sale in Denmark - Casper (the seller) is a young but very fair guy.


    Some claws and rods have been changed, but the coating and shells seems to be fine. The banana is there too.


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