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  1. jda
    03-16-2023 03:59 PM
    Good reply thanks Brian!
    I've found decent home over at Drummerworld. A Larger group of guys; that don't get on each others back; too much. Altho the Crigger and the Whitten still instruct as often as they can "how to be a good employee" hee hee.. I just watch and enjoy. Drawback is there is no For Sale/ Wanted etc Section there to speak of. My recent interest in a Motown variation band (led by my sister) had me bring out from hbernation my Round Badge 20/12/14 and the Brass has never sounded so good ( funny that- I hated it for 40 years) And.....My old As.
    Perfect for Motown (old K hi hats)
    My two 20 A's are 1956g--> my baby- looks for sure a Quincy era, and a 2067g which could be Quincy or early Norwell .

    here's a link to some pics I posted/ at DW (drummerworld)

  2. Tama CW
    03-11-2023 09:57 PM
    Tama CW
    Now that I think of it, I did own a set of large stamps about 3 yrs ago, all with key holes 18/20/22 from an old timer. They were all medium thins....so approx 1350, 2050, 2340 as I recall. The 20" might have even been lighter than 2050....possibly 1980-2025 gm. All I remember about that set is that each one was probably the best sounding large stamp I'd heard up to that time. Smokey, dark, and dry. I only let them go because they were all key holed. Wish I had them back. Paid $315 for the set and flipped them for $335 to a local jazzer.
  3. Tama CW
    03-11-2023 09:51 PM
    Tama CW
    Hi Joe. I see it's been a few months since we last messaged. DFO is as whacky as ever. As far as Hollow Block 20's under 2100 gm. I'm sure there are some but I've never owned one. I currently have a large stamp 20" (non hollow block) at 2133 gm. That's the lightest large stamp I've been able to latch on to. Seems to be a lot easier to find trans stamps under 1900 gm than HB's under 2100 gm. Besides the 2133 gm I have a heavier LS2 large stamp at 2385 gm. I feel as a rule that finding lighter and nice sounding 18/20/22 large stamps is not easy. Most seem pretty Plain Vanilla and 2 dimensional. Maybe most drummers already had their nice and lighter trans stamps by the mid-50's and didn't need much in the way of replacement large stamps?
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