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  1. DrumBob
    05-12-2023 04:15 PM
    I want to report this guy, Mikey777. I think he's a scammer. Latest post.

    I have a guy who has a Whitehall set for sale, its needs to be restored i have not seen photos if it he is sanding some late today. Question is i know these sizes are hard to fine the toms are 8x12, 14x14, bass 14x18 but he is telling me the snare is chrome but has no lugs. Did whitehall even make an lug less snare drum? Has asking price seems ok he wants 300.00 OBO for the stand stands cymbals the stands cymbals came with the set new back in the late 60s-70s
    Any info
  2. coder
    11-03-2022 03:52 PM
    I guess it's the "My Threads/My Posts" URL like the old theme, which was added by a plugin that got removed.

    I added the links to the "Quick Links" area for now. Still, not the best place for them, but it could work for now and I'll think of a better place later.
  3. Hoppy
    04-11-2020 12:19 PM
    I'm passing a message along.... A couple of members on the DFO said they couldn't access the VDF site fully.... I quoted them below

    VDF User Name = fenrir
    "I wonder if you could help. I've been registered there for years but can't message members, post a thread, reply to a thread or access attachments. Any ideas?

    DFO User Name = EvEnStEvEn (not sure of his VDF name, but it may be the same???)
    "I'm curious as well. I finally registered there this winter but cannot post or message either, even though I can see the posted photos there.

    I did a member search on each of their names but it didn't return anything? Any help/info that I could pass on would be appreciated.

  4. DrumBob
    04-06-2019 10:22 AM
    Hello...I put a member on my ignore list last week and placed myself on invisible status, saved those, and today, I see I'm still viewing the ignored members posts and it's evident that I'm not on invisible status. May I ask why? Thank you.
  5. DrumBob
    07-27-2018 06:38 PM
    Hello...I posted a response in a thread today correcting the spelling of a member named jaghog. I was not aware that he is disabled and has trouble posting. Please delete my post. Thank you.
  6. BMWM5
    11-11-2017 05:28 AM
    Is that your field drum posted on page 23 of the snare drum gallery? If so its a Soistman in Excellent condition. Fantastic drum. I own one myself with blue hoops.
  7. DRUMR69
    05-27-2016 04:15 PM
    I have an idea I'd like to run by you before proceeding.
    I have something that I would like to sell on this site.
    Then I would like to donate the proceeds to the forum. This is the tricky part in which how would you like that handled. So for an example: say it sells for $100.00 and shipping cost $30, I would like to donate $70 to the site. I am just wondering how should I accomplish this?
    1. Let them know in the For Sale section when selling.(just thought if it was mentioned in the for sale might get a better price) Win / Win for everyone.
    2.Don't mention and just donate after sale.(easiest way I know)
    Do you want them to pay me and I donate the money if we use option #1 or would you rather they Pay the shipping to me and they donate the remainder to you?
    I wanted to make sure this was ok with you before I proceeded. I would like any suggestion to make this work and be fair for everyone. I appreciate your time and this wonderful site which I visit daily.
  8. Tony Trout
    05-11-2015 05:00 PM
    Tony Trout
    Hi! My name is Tony Trout and I just joined the forum this afternoon. Is there a place on the forum where members can introduce themselves??

    Tony T.

  9. blairndrums
    02-25-2014 06:38 PM

    last night I posted some suff I wanted to sell under wanted to buy by mistake...

    Could you switch it over please to the right place?

    It's under Rogers/Lud/Zickos/Sling stuff..

    Thanks a lot!

  10. Webmaster
    02-05-2014 12:56 PM
    Don Sr ran Slingerland for awhile - his two sons are still around.

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