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  1. Kenwood
    11-22-2015 08:23 PM
    Hello Lee

    Gosh sakes pal I am so sorry for this late reply
    somehow I just did not see you
    This is only the second visitor message I have ever received

    Hey man I love my Tempros I have since bought a Coronet kit which is the identical build but in a cool red tiger-ish sort of wrap

    This info is most likely too late to be useful
    But I sprayed the Graffiti remover directly on the shells
    it seemed to me that with the stuff being just a thin liquid
    spraying it on the shell would cause it to just drip right off
    and I suppose it did to some degree ..just be patient

    work outside as I found the fumes fairly nauseating
    not unlike car battery acid

    You will see the stuff start to give the paint sort of a bubbled texture
    I used a plastic scraper and removed the paint clean down to the wrap
    which did not seem to be ill affected at all

    I used a clean rag and water to remove the residual amounts of paint

    GOOD LUCK and keep in touch Kenny
  2. ludwig402
    11-05-2015 09:37 AM
    Hey Kenny - saw the picture of the Tempros I sold you and figured this must be least I hope it is
    I'll be picking up a Slingerland floor tom in blue sparkle that has been painted black, and a search on paint removal led me to your posts regarding the Stage Band save.
    Great job by the way.
    My question is how exactly did you remove the paint? I think I remember you settling on Graffiti remover, but did you spray it directly on the drum or on the cloth?
    Any pointers you can share would be greatly appreciated.

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