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  1. jaghog
    09-27-2018 09:48 AM
    I do own one , bought it here from mountain hick , just to let you know it was for sale back a while I try to be on top of his stuff when it comes up but lately I have not heard from him but it is my only ride I use
  2. Drumaholic
    09-27-2018 12:18 AM

    You made a claim about owning a pre-trans 22" like the one I showed in my thread entitled: "Anyone here interested in hearing what a 22" pre-trans sound like?" I asked you a question concerning your claim. Are you willing to answer? If not I'll assume that in fact don't own one. But I'm giving you a chance to set the record straight. It's your choice whether to answer me or not, but your credibility here is now in question. No reply will be interpreted by me as "no credibility" as to your claim. I'm giving you time to respond. I'm anxious to hear just what your response is if any. -drumaholic
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