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  1. vibes
    02-28-2019 04:12 PM
    Hi Mike, hope you are well. wanted to ask your opinion on this 65 Pioneer snare I am about to buy. It matches my other Gold sparkle nickel hardware drums. Has Nickel over brass hoops. Wrap looks great. The thing is someone drilled a small pencil size hole in it, lower open space, for a Mic, or who knows. I have a piece of the 60's gold sparkle wrap I can plug the hole and top it with. Outside that it looks in excellent condition. The guy wants $150 for it if I come get it, 3 hour round trip. or $150 without the new remo Ambassador heads if he ships it to me. What do you think ? jump on it ? Thank you for any advice Tim Gordon "VIbes" I would use this snare in a jazz set up. Decent jazz snare ?