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  1. Mike T
    02-25-2019 07:22 AM
    Mike T
    I am as healthy as I am going to get and for my age I am doing pretty good now , I found a Rogers 24,14,16.18 kit for a great price and will be putting cymbals and stand on it this week I have to start playing again...hey keep your eyes open for another rogers 24 inch bass drum or shell players condition.. will add it as I can... thanks for getting back to me so how is the band doing?
  2. vintagemore2000
    02-24-2019 11:51 AM
    Hi Mike It's good to have you back, and back on the drums I saw you found a kit, Hope you're healthy again?. I've been so busy with my band, that i've not been on the forum very much, take care.
  3. Mike T
    02-20-2019 08:06 PM
    Mike T
    Hey buddy how you been I am back.....and Buying a drum set....
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