The Black Kit
This is my Be-Bop kit. I wanted a small kick kit and was looking for a while... Finding a RC kit with an 18" kick was quite a find. It came with a deep 12 and a 14X14 floor. I sold the rack and got an 8X10 to replace it. Looking for a 16X16 Floor Tom in black now.
Top view... Take a seat!
Maybe a repeat... 20" blue kick in foreground.
Front view. Mid-50's 22" ride; 17" EAK crash; 18" K Custom Dark Crash. Hats are 13" K Custom Dark.
Resonant Head (with added "vintage" logo sticker) with felt strip at the top
Batter Head (wide open)
Early photo with the Yamaha Oak 13" snare. This is a great snare drum... WAY more versatile than it seems like it would be.
"Custom" beater- S-bend and weight added to hit center, feel good and avoid the bottom hoop due to the drum riser I have.
Set up with the DW snare and blue 16" FT