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Old 02-10-2019, 07:19 AM
johnnyringo johnnyringo is offline
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Default The Drum Bug

Hello, my name is Mark, I got the drum bug at the age of 12. I had no prior symptoms, I was a normal child, playing with hot wheels, pretending to be Superman and refusing to eat my broccoli. Then one day a Sears catalog arrived at our house and there it was, a beautiful blue sparkle 3pc. drum set. I remember staring at the pictures for hours, not even knowing why, I just knew that I had to have one. My parents, being cautious at first, bought me a snare and hi-hats the next Christmas, (They said it was from Santa, but they were under the delusion I was still 6.) I didn't understand my obsession, no one in my family played drums or any musical instruments, not even any uncles, aunts or cousins. To this day, I still have the drum bug.
Please share your stories.

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Old 02-10-2019, 07:46 AM
jccabinets jccabinets is offline
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Default Re: The Drum Bug

I rode the bus to school in 7th grade and every day my friend would get on the bus carring his Acrolite snare drum. I thought he was cool so I asked my parents if I could join band and get a drum, loved it ever since.

Thank you!
Jeff C

"Enjoy every sandwich" Warren Zevon
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Old 02-10-2019, 12:44 PM
jaghog jaghog is offline
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Default Re: The Drum Bug

When I was a kid my uncle had a gold sparkle Ludwig I remember it set up at the holidays I use to sit on it I was hooked to this day the lure of gold has had me hooked
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once the brass ceases to glitter, and the drum looses its luster, and the stage remains dark, all you have left is the timbre of family.
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Old 02-10-2019, 02:39 PM
salty 1322 salty 1322 is offline
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Default Re: The Drum Bug

My dad was in the Sea Cadets and had an old Leedy snare that he kept as he got older. Every Christmas, and other holidays, after imbibing a bit, my dad took out his drum. One of my grandfathers played the accordion. The other, various wind instruments. They were terrible but, it was all fun! That`s what really mattered. When I was about fourteen, a buddy was learning a few chords on an old acoustic guitar someone had given him. Another friend sang in the church choir. The Beatles had just appeared on Sullivan. Yep, you guessed it. My dad gave me the snare and we were off! I still play with the choir kid who also learned to be a fine guitar player. That`s fifty-six years ago! Still love every minute!!!
Just a drummer who loves all things about vintage drums! Nothing more, nothing less.

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Old 02-10-2019, 04:28 PM
schmegeggie schmegeggie is offline
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Default Re: The Drum Bug

10th grade, early 80ís. A friend of mine was selling a Rogers Black Diamond 3 pc. kit with a crusty Supra, hardware and cheap cymbals for $100. Mezmorized by Bonham, Peart, and Copeland at the time, I had just enough to buy them. When my parents would go to the store, I would run back and forth to the living room to set them up near the stereo because the headphone cord was only a few feet long. Bostonís first album, and Physical Graffiti were what I played to for at least a year.
Wish. I still had that kit.
A good friend in HS was a great guitar player and we played at parties through HS.
Dozens of bands since! 7 drum kits, and over 25 snare drums, vintage pies and hardware!
51 and still love it!
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A huge pile of 'em! Several rare and one offs!
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