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Old 07-12-2018, 11:04 AM
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Default Re: Value of Date Stamp 1969 Acrolite

Yes I was using CAD. I assumed because Of his user I.D. he was in Canada.


Originally Posted by zenstat View Post
Let's be specific about what currency we are reporting in. Are you saying CAN200? At today's exchange rate that is about USD135, so it is in line with the prices I have in my database. If you are talking USD200 then that's in the upper quartile of the price distribution.

Yes, and on August 29, 2016 a Blue Olive badged Acro sold on eBay for $199.95 and on the same day another one sold for $133.50. They were in excellent excellent condition. The same day a Keystone badged Acro sold for $269. A week earlier another Blue Olive Acro in excellent condition sold for $83. When prices are highly variable we need a larger representative sample of sales to get good stable price estimates. The fact that one sells for $200 doesn't mean that they all sell for $200. And it certainly doesn't mean that the best statistical estimate for selling price is $200. On the other hand, if a quarter of them sell for over $150 then a seller might want to start with a higher price (like $200) when selling at a fixed price rather than competitive auction. That's a question about selling strategy rather than expected value.

I've added these last two sales back into the 56 sales I've already recorded. It is possible that another full data sweep might show that prices are up significantly since 2016, but one or two anecdotal examples aren't really able to influence the robust estimate of central tendency. If somebody were keen they could do a sweep through all the sold auctions (there will be 2 months worth) on eBay so we can get more up to date data. Unfortunately, I haven't got time just now.

Thanks for the two additional data points. Every sales result helps improve the price estimates.
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