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Old 02-04-2008, 09:42 AM
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Default Feb 3, 2008 - Server

As you might or might not know, a web site is hosted on a server, usually supported by a large hosting company. Unless of course you have your own in house server which is expensive and requires a lot of equipment to maintain and keep up to date.

So the forum is running on a shared server which means this web site and other web sites all share the same server. I'm paying $320 a year for the shared server and that is because of the size and resources the web site are taking up.

The forum software had a one time charge and then a yearly charge to keep it updated. The problem is the current shared server is older and it will not let me install newer versions of the software on it.

So, that would mean the forum and web site need to move! Based on the traffic and the resources the best case scenerio would be a dedicated server. A server which we do not share with other web sites and we would be able to control...

Steve Maxwell used to be on the same server as us and last year I moved him to a dedicated server, so I know the costs involved and the time required to do it.

At the very minimum with a monthly fee of $99 and usually a $200 set up fee that is what a dedicated server will cost. We are looking at $1300 for the first year and $1200 a year after that. (I know Godaddy might be cheaper for the first year with a 20% discount)

So, let me say I'm not asking for hand-outs! and not trying to get money from people for nothing, but trying to come up with a creative way to try and bring money in to cover those costs for the year. Not the whole thing, but at least some of it..

This is not a rally post to save the forum and I'm not giving you my "Blue Moon Story", but seeing what you all think about the situation and ways to generate the money required to move it to the next level.

In the mean time things will stay as is, since my host is also a friend and he does not care at the moment, but would like to see me move to the next level.

Finally, I know things are tight with most people in the US at the moment. I own a small business and know others that own different types of businesses and we are all having some of the worst months in recent years.. So from my perspective, I know what it is to cut costs!

I'm sure others have that disease "Fundsalittlelow", but might spare a few pence for something in return..

Ideas? comments? suggestions? complaints?


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