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Old 05-15-2018, 12:13 AM
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Default WTB: Nice MIJ Kit

Hi everyone!

Iím tossing the idea around right now of getting a nice vintage MIJ kit to use as a tour kit/house kit with my band. Iím currently using my Rogers (which stay at my guitaristís house) which Iím not very happy about. Those B&B lugs are fragile and I donít want something bad happening to them by stuffing them in a van and taking them on the road for two weeks.

So Iím tossing around the idea of MIJ drums. My hardshell cases are for a 22/13/16 setup, so Iím looking for that with the MIJ drums. Iím not sure what my budget is yet, or if I even want to do this or not, but maybe someone here has an offer I canít refuse!

I would prefer a 13/16/22 matching kit in some sort of sparkle/wrap. Good shape, Playerís kit, able to withstand some touring.

If you have anything, please post below with a price and maybe youíll have a buyer on your hands!

Thanks everybody!
  • 1964-1966 Rogers 9x13 rack tom in silver sparkle. Beavertail lugs, flat grey Cleveland tag interior
  • 1964-1966 Rogers 22 OR 24x14 bass drum in silver sparkle. Beavertail lugs, flat grey Cleveland tag interior
  • 1959 Rogers Holiday 5x14 snare drum in blue sparkle. Serial number #13382. Large double sided bread and butter lugs. Part of my kit that was split up before I purchased it. Bring the snare home!
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