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Old 04-24-2018, 11:33 AM
Acrolite Acolyte Acrolite Acolyte is offline
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Default Slingerland Tom Mount Hardware

Hi all,

First time poster here. I recently bought a beautiful 1970s Slingerland Pop kit which is all single-headed down to the kick. One reason I got such a kit is the portability factor of nesting drums (they also sound and look great). The person I bought it from did an excellent job restoring them, and being a player and not a collector I was particularly attracted to the upgrades in the floor tom legs, bass drum spurs, and tom mount.

However while I was initially psyched about the modern hardware, the tom mount is a DW slider which, while pretty cool, is also so heavy that I wouldn't be surprised if it weighs as much as the two toms combined! A bit too much mount for the purpose of supporting two 3-ply toms that have half the hardware.

So I'm considering a move to a lighter weight tom mount, with the caveat that I do not intend to drill additional holes in the shell and would prefer to use hardware that matches the preexisting holes. That leads me to the original Set-O-Matic but I understand than in addition to fetching premium vintage prices it's also just not that good. So my questions are:

1. As I doubt any other brands have mounts that match the drill hole spacing/orientation, is it possible to use Slingerland brackets with other brands' hardware? I know that the Set-O-Matic tube is typically notched or D-shaped; did Slingerland ever make a SOM or other model receiver plate that has a typical round hole and if so, what diameter?

2. Likewise, are the SOM brackets on the toms compatible with anything else? I read somewhere about people using them with Yamaha hexagonal tom arms which would be perfect as I am a big fan of Yamaha mounting hardware.

As stated before I'm not planning to do any woodworking so if there's no other option I'll just suck it up and keep the DW. But practicality was a major reason behind buying this kit and it would be nice to lighten the load of my hardware bag especially if it's not necessary to be so heavy duty.

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Old 04-24-2018, 11:03 PM
jmcohen jmcohen is offline
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Default Re: Slingerland Tom Mount Hardware

You might look for the super set-o-matic. This is far superior to the original t-shaped set-o-matic, which in my opinion left the toms too far behind the bass drum batter head. This caused my foot to be too much on top of the pedal. The super uses the same size brackets on the BD and the toms. I have this on my set, and it holds the 13” and 14” toms just fine.

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Old 04-24-2018, 11:07 PM
levelpebble levelpebble is online now
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Default Re: Slingerland Tom Mount Hardware

You should look into the Super Set-o-matic mount offered in the late 70s. Uses two single SoM arms. Same tom mount as the SoM, but much more maneuverable. You won't need to drill extra holes. Not necessarily light however.

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Old 04-25-2018, 10:02 AM
Acrolite Acolyte Acrolite Acolyte is offline
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Default Re: Slingerland Tom Mount Hardware

Thanks for the replies, although really I'm looking for a modern retrofit option if it could possibly fit the original brackets. Just not a fan of the SOM mounts themselves; and admittedly there's a bit of a looks element to it, the super SOM brings to mind a praying mantis sitting on top of the kick!

This may be a square peg/round hole situation (really) so the DW may just be it, which is not a big deal really. Although with it I have the opposite problem as jmcohen: with the kick being only 14" deep the slider plate had to be installed on the batter side to clear the badge. But I have to push the sliding mount all the way forward and turn it around with the arms coming around the sides of the triangular top part just to have the toms at a reasonable position! Kinda negates the flexibility of the mount...
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Old 04-25-2018, 07:44 PM
longjohn longjohn is offline
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Default Re: Slingerland Tom Mount Hardware

I agree that the Super Set O Matic Is the most cumbersome looking Tom Mount ever created... And it is a real pain to pack up...

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