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Old 04-28-2018, 12:37 PM
The Ploughman The Ploughman is offline
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Default Re: issue

ya know... witch hunting aside.. being a fine sport and all..

I think they might ought to hire him.
Rogers Drums Big R era 1975-1984 Dating Guide.
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Old 05-01-2018, 01:46 PM
Acrolite Acolyte Acrolite Acolyte is offline
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Default Re: issue

Not to bring up the OTHER other forum, but the same time I joined this site (last week) I joined DW but haven't yet posted and just continued my lurking... until a few days after, I got banned (no reason). This happen to anyone else? I wrote them an email assuring that I'm not a scammer/bot (seems the username would be enough evidence) but to no avail. Now I can't even look at posts on there, although I haven't tried clearing my cookies or used another computer...

Thanks for the response Ben and I did get your message.
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Old 05-01-2018, 03:03 PM
wayne wayne is offline
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Default Re: issue

Try to imagine 45 12 year olds bad mouthing each other in class, then the teacher walks in, slams a book on the table to get attention, and then have to listen to the constant whining, and complaining.
He said, she said, they did, he did..etc.
Forums are just like that every day. Not for me, but Ben has patience not found in many.

Crap will happen, but so what, we should all be thankful we have a place like this and DFO where we can once in a while converse with a few decent, normal people.
Hit like you mean it!!
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