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Old 03-15-2019, 08:26 PM
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Default Re: Least HOF Worthy Bands/Artists

Originally Posted by johnnyringo View Post
Who said you were a bad guy? Fake news perhaps?
Nobody, but that was funny. I got this feeling I was being shunned for not liking Queen so much.
It`s a drum,.....Hit It !!

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Old 03-15-2019, 08:50 PM
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Default Re: Least HOF Worthy Bands/Artists

No way my friend, we all have different taste and opinions, that's what makes this so fun.
Do you guys remember the Twilite Zone episode where this gambler dies and goes to where he believes is Heaven because he wins at everything he does? To the point where it starts to drive him crazy because there's no chance of losing. He finally tells the man who first welcomed him that he can't stand it anymore and to send him to the other place, the man says, you are in the other place.
If everyone agrees with everything you say, it would be boreing.
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Old 03-18-2019, 06:58 PM
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Default Re: Least HOF Worthy Bands/Artists

Hear is my list of performers that dont belong in the Hall of fame. Bob Marley Bon jovi Bonni Raitt Bob Dylan Cat Stevens Donna summer Donovan Grandmaster flash Green day Jackson Browne Janet Jackson James Taylor Jimmy cliff Joan Baez Joni Mitchell Laura Nyro Leonard Cohen Linda Ronstadt Madonna N.W.A Nina Simone Patty Smith Pearl Jam Public enemy Run dmc Talking Heads The Cure Tupac Shakur U2
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Old 03-19-2019, 02:52 PM
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Default Re: Least HOF Worthy Bands/Artists

Did anyone else notice George Tickner wasn't included when Journey was inducted?
Probably not, huh?

For anyone that scoffs at my mention of Journey, check out their first three albums before Steve Perry changed them into bubblegum.
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