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Old 04-16-2018, 12:40 AM
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Default Snare Beds

I just want to make sure I am thinking correctly about something. I am having a friendly "argument" with someone about the width of the snare beds on any given drum.

He says that the snare bed has to be as wide or wider than the snare wires on the drum.

I say the width of the snare bed doesn't matter, only as long as it's wide enough to accept the strap/cord that holds the snares on. The reason I say this is because the snare wires only contact the head. They shouldn't contact any part of the shell or the bearing edge. If they do, the snare wires are either the wrong size or not centered correctly (Excluding gut snares or Super Sensitives, of course). Because they only contact the head, I say that the snare bed width is a non-issue vs. snare wire width, because the wires only contact the head. The only part that comes into contact with the snare bed/shell is the strip or cord that holds the wires on, so as long as it's wide enough for that, the snare wire width shouldn't matter.

He also says that the snare beds should be perfectly flat. Again, I disagree, because all of the snares I own come from the factory with a very slightly rounded arc. Sometimes it's tough to even see unless you shine a light overhead and the snare side of the drum is on a flat surface. None of the snares I have are flat at the snare bed. It's a slightly, gradual rounded arc.

Do you agree or disagree with my thinking?

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