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Old 05-22-2009, 01:20 PM
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Default 1972 14"x5" COB Snare Strainer replacement question


I've got a 1972 COB snare that has a problematic Zoomatic Strainer (who doesn't?). The tension adjustment knob is totally missing so I can't get the right sound of of the drum (it holds tension like it should but it's just a little too 'wet').

Here's my dillema: I've found a guy in Bedford, TX that has some replacement knobs (not original) that will work, but he has to basically rebuild the strainer to get the knob on and it's gonna cost at least $75.

If I want to just buy a brand new strainer for the drum, what strainers should I pick from? Does anyone else have experience replacing the strainer on a brass drum like this for a newer one?

p.s. I'll keep all the original parts so I can put them back on the retain the value of the drum, but I need this drum to sound good... because it's a musical instrument and should be played!

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Old 05-22-2009, 03:04 PM
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Default Re: 1972 14"x5" COB Snare Strainer replacement question

I had exactly the same dilemma, I wound up waiting for a Zoomatic to come up on Ebay... after three auctions, I finally got one. Ended up costing about the same as getting just the repro knob installed, and took about the same amount of time as well. But this way I also now have a Zoomatic minus tension knob for parts to boot if needed in the future.
There is also a link here for a company called Presto Plate that makes an adapter plate to install non-brand-correct strainers on your drum without drilling any more holes.
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