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Old 10-02-2019, 03:22 PM
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Default Nylon Washers with Collars

I recently tried out some tube lugs on my late 70's Supra. They came with some nylon collared washers. I like the tube lugs for the fact that there is no splay whatsoever and no springs to wrap. I understand the theory about metal rubbing on metal. I use nylon washers on all of my toms. What bothers me though is the fact that no matter how careful I was with installing the collared washers, several were "shmucked" when I tightened them into the rim holes! The drum sounds great but, I know the washers may not be doing their job. Maybe it's just me. I am overly meticulous and like everything as perfect as possible. Yeah, some O.C.D. tendencies. I'm thinking of going back to the ordinary nylon washers. Have any of you guys had similar experiences? Just let things be? Change back to the ordinary washers? I know this may be trivial but, it bothers me.Thanks.
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