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Old 01-12-2008, 12:58 AM
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Default Jan 11, 2007 - Updates

I'm still cleaning things up on the main web site... I just moved about 20 pages out of sub folders into the main directory.. After the last update, I felt it necessary to do this. Of course it did not happen without a few problems which I think are all cleaned up...

Regardless I think the big stuff is done and now I can work on the smaller items.

I did go through my entire collection of literature and put it all in order based on each drum company. I uncovered things I forgot about and was able to organize my home office.

This included the printer and two scanners as well...

I needed to be a little more efficient.

So now I can grab each drum companies bin and go item by item and add them to the site and then clean up that drum companies section...

This is the part I like doing.. Adding content to the web site for everyone to see...

I will then start the Slingerland Drum Set configurations page.

I did here from DrCJW and we should have some new material by Monday

Lots on the horizon...

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