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Old 09-07-2018, 05:21 PM
Marty Black Marty Black is offline
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Default My technique for disassembly, cleaning of Ludwig Speed King pedal

Hi all,

In a separate post, I discussed my minimal-grease technique for reassembly of a Speed King pedal. The tasks of disassembly and cleaning were much easier than I anticipated, so I will post my procedure here, .

I bought this pedal new in 1976, and it was still functional, although sluggish.

1. I removed the two adjustment screws in the bottom and pulled out the springs and pushrods. They were caked in gobs of semi-hard grease.

2. To remove the logo-caps on the sides of the goalposts, I held one goalpost in my hand, and whacked the outside of the other goalpost with a rubber mallet...right below the logo-cap (without hitting it, of course). It only took about 4 whacks for each cap to fall out. Easy peasy.

3. I repeated the rubber mallet whacking (in the same place) to get the bearings to come out.

4. Soaked everything in Mineral Spirits (in a small plastic bucket) overnight, with some scrubbing (in the morning) with a small toothbrush and scraping off dried gunk with toothpicks.

5. Rubbed down the pushrods with 0000 steel wool to remove hardened
grease and some corrosion. They came out smooth as a baby's bottom!

6. Took a pistol cleaning rod, with a cotton bore patch wrapped around a brass bristle brush, dipped in Mineral Spirits, and worked the inside shafts of the goalposts until they shined bright (just like cleaning a gun.)

7. As detailed in my other post, I used a tiny amount of grease only at the top of the pushrods where they interact with the "cam shaft." Everything else got sprayed with Home Depot's "Blaster PB-50 Multi-Purpose Lubricant with Teflon," and reassembled.

My actual labor on this entire task was maybe an hour or so. And this pedal now FLIES !

Don't be afraid to try this if your Speed King needs a tune-up!

Regards, MB
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Old 09-15-2018, 07:25 AM
plexi69 plexi69 is offline
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Default Re: My technique for disassembly, cleaning of Ludwig Speed King pedal

Would this process work on a same era Ludwig hi hat stand? Thanks.
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Old 09-15-2018, 12:49 PM
woody1953 woody1953 is offline
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Default Re: My technique for disassembly, cleaning of Ludwig Speed King pedal

Hi Hat disassembly is somewhat unique to the specific model. Pay particular attention to the lower pushrod assembly when removing and the order of the rubber washer, star washer and spring. Try to locate an exploded parts diagram. Someone here may be able to supply one. I have one for the model 1124, if you would like that. The cleaning steps for inside the tubes and misc parts in this tread will do nicely. Hope this helps.
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